WordPress’ Contribution to the Blog Explosion

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WordPress is a free online blogging platform!

The software makes blogging easy and fast so bloggers can spend their time writing rather than attempting maintenance or development work. WordPress comes equipped with many features including a variety of templates to work with and a content management system (CMS) to help manage your content. According to recent statistics, the blogging software is currently used by over 1 million bloggers and manages 22% of all the new websites.  This is because most websites created need blogs to market their companies and ideas. As demand for blogs is high these websites need quality features that are easy and helpful to the blogger. WordPress makes it easy for bloggers to produce quality blogs making this website the most popular CMS on the Internet.

Reason #1 – Themes

Many versions of this software have been released with the goal of improving services and promoting a more user friendly product. According to the statistics released a year ago, WordPress version 3.0 has over 65 million downloads. Part of what makes this software easy to use is its template processing system that makes blogging almost as easy as typing into a word processor.

Managing themes on this software is simple. Users install the software and then chose between a variety of different themes. Themes provide a variety backdrops and designs and are a great feature of WordPress as it’s easy to change the look and functionality of one’e blog. When managed correctly, it’s possible to switch themes without changing the blog’s content. Themes can also be installed using theme folders and can help a blog achieve customization due to special codes within its system.

Reason #2 – Plugins & Expandability

Another interesting feature is the rich plugin architecture that makes it possible for users of the software to reach beyond the features found in WordPress for additional applications. These added options benefit both bloggers and developers. WordPress allows access to as many as 18,000 plugins to utilize SEO tools or widget related apps. These plugins make the use of WordPress even better and allow the user to better customize their task by finding the right plug-in for the job.

Reason #3 – Ease of Use (Widgets)

WordPress developers can add more functionality to sites thanks to widgets. These are tiny modules that enable the user to drag and drop content into a variety of places. Widgets also make it possible to implement as many plugin abilities as needed. It is easy to add functionalities like slideshows, small news slider, and other Facebook functionalities. WordPress has been made better with the emergence of other versions such as the 3.0 version that allows more than one blog per installation.

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