Power List Building Blueprint Review

You’re About To Learn…The Exact Blueprint for building An Enormous list of hungry buyers, & The Exact Strategies To Generating Massive *Piles of Cash* On-Demand!

Believe It Or Not, One Simple List
Is All It Takes…

Warning; Simplicity Prevails!”


Really not sure how you found your way here today but now that you are and you’re reading this letter, I most likely don’t have to work very hard at the process of convincing you that the single most important element of online marketing success is list building.


And yes … I am going to say something right now that you probably have heard a bazillion times before… ‘the money is in the list’.


Say what you want but it is true! So what’s the big problem? Why aren’t you making a huge load of money?


Why are you finding it so hard to build a huge, responsive, opt-in email list that you can use to make massive amounts of cash on demand?


You just might be one that has this list building all figured out when it comes to getting a visitor to opt-in to your squeeze page. You may have built a pretty nice size list but have been clearly disappointed with the results that you are presently getting from that list. So what we are talking about is more than just having a huge lists just so you can boast to your buddies that you have 100,000 email addresses in your database.


I’m talking about a RESPONSIVE list. Personally, I’ll tell you right now that I prefer growing a list of highly responsive buyers that increases my bank account every single day … than a list of 100,000 which practically just waste the bandwidth of the email server it’s hosted on … because it doesn’t even pay for the monthly service.


I am trying my best to present to you the option of you really taking things to the extreme when that massive list you have becomes a highly responsive money making machine working in overdrive all on autopilot.


I am talking about actually getting a hold of some of that money that you keep hearing, “is in the list!’


I am thinking you are starting to Get my drift! I am talking about having the very list building, money extracting blueprint in your hand. That very blueprint is out there and you have just stumbled across it today… It’s what I call “Simple List Building Blueprint” …



The Simple List Building Blueprint
– 15 Hours Home Study Video Course

Module 01 Introduction To List Building

Module 02 Setup for Profitable List Building

Module 03 How To Setup A Squeeze Page

Module 04 Adding A Special Offer

Module 05 Master Follow Up Fortunes

Module 06 Grow Your List Method 1: Ad Swaps & Solo Ads

Module 07 Grow Your List Method 2: Giveaway Events

Module 08 Grow Your List Method 3: JV Product Launches

Module 09 Grow Your List Method 4: Online Forums

Module 10 Grow Your List Method 5: Blogging

Module 11 Grow Your List Method 6: Exit Pop Up Strategy

Module 12 Grow Your List Method 7: Articles & Videos

Module 13 Grow Your List Method 8: Viral Reports

Module 14 Grow Your List Method 9: Safe List

Module 15 How To Do A Broadcast Promotion To Your List

Module 16 Getting Your Emails Read

Module 17 Rinse & Repeat


This video training series is exactly what ANYBODY should use to make money online.

Whether you are a newbie or not, this video course will be the answer to all those people who want a real step by step list building method.


  – When you stop and think about all of the time and money you are saving right now alone you can easily see that I am here to make sure you get the easiest start possible getting set up and making money through your very own list building efforts. The Real world Value is easily $297.00


Who Should Get Blueprint Video
Home Study Course?

YOU .. If you’re new to Internet marketing and want to get off to a blazing start. There’s no quicker and easier way to get into profit fast than list building and learning how to market to your subscribers.


YOU … If you already have a big list and want to learn how to maximize the profit that you’re presently mining from that list. You’re bound to pick up a few invaluable pointers that you never knew before.


YOU … If you want a fast and simple way to learn about email list building from a couple masters that are actually in the trenches and doing the things that they are teaching you about. This is no lame theory but solid step-by-step practical techniques you can use immediately.


YOU … If you want to learn the same secrets shared in courses and seminars worth over a thousand dollars … for pennies on the dollar.

If you think that you already know all their is to know about profiting from an opt in list then please simply refer this page to someone who needs it…but if you realize that you can always learn new secrets and techniques that could double, triple, or even quadruple your sales…this package is for you!


The bottom line is that you don’t need technical skills … marketing experience … a ton of money … name recognition … not even a full time effort … a huge list or even any list at all … to benefit from this package.


What you do need is a willingness to learn and willingness to accept that there are tons of secrets out there that no one has shared with you about email marketing…


“But This Sounds Like An Expensive Course”


You know, I couldn’t wait to get to this part because I know that you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.


You see, normally a course like this will be sold through the mail for at least $297 and even higher. I know that a lot of marketers wouldn’t hesitate to grab it up at this cost. And for all that you are getting it would be a steal at that price.


But instead I’ve decided to let you have this for a drop-dead bargain, so you’re not even going to pay anything close to that amount …


Your investment? … (drums rolling) …. This complete course is included with our Membership and provided at NO Additional Cost to our VIP Members!


What more can you possibly ask for? And that is only ONE of the huge advantages of being a Bloggers Pal’s VIP Member.


You can rest assured that this course will exceed your expectations. But more than that, I want this to be your final stop that makes all your list building dreams come true…


ACT NOW while you still can…


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